About us

A touch of history

Columbus Pre-School was established in 1988. Peggy Gluck, a former preschool teacher herself, and Billy Gluck, her husband, opened Columbus Pre-School and Gym, aptly situated and named after their favorite avenue in the neighborhood to take their toddler son, Travis, on strolls down.

They set out to create a place where children would be supported and nurtured, and encouraged to be curious. Billy and Peggy have spent the past 28 years cultivating Columbus Pre-School to provide just that environment. As their family grew and the neighborhood evolved, so did the school, adding more classrooms to welcome more students.

Today, their son Travis, who was among the school’s first students, serves as a 3s teacher, and their younger daughter, Kiah, who also spent her childhood at the school and volunteering during summer camp, works as an administrator. With the help of their wonderful education team, the Gluck family continues to offer families on the Upper West Side a home away from home.

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