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Our admissions process is an invitation for families to get to know Columbus Pre-School through the lens of a student, rather than through a series of formal interviews. We welcome parents and children to visit classrooms to familiarize themselves with the spaces and faces of Columbus Pre-School.

Admissions Process

Get to Know Our School

We know how busy toddler parents are, so our admissions process respects that. We make our school visits approachable and manageable, but always make sure that parents have plenty of opportunities to engage.

Once you apply, you’ll sign up for our simple two-step process, a parent visit and a child visit.

To check out the school before applying, we host evening Parent Open Houses where parents can meander through the school, check out the artwork and project documentation on the classroom walls, and speak with the admissions team and current Columbus parents.


Step 1

parent visits (Tours & Open Houses)

We begin accepting applications in September of the year before your child would enter school.

The formal  application process begins with a parent tour during school hours, where you’ll meet with our director, Julie, to learn about our philosophy, curricula, separation at the start of preschool, the transition to kindergarten, and everything in between. You’ll tour the classrooms to see the teachers and students in action.

We offer Parent Open Houses in the evenings for you to tour the facilites and chat with members of the administration. You may sign up for open houses before or after subimitting your application. Sign up here: Evening Open Houses

Step 2

child visit

Next, your child will visit for a small playgroup. This is a chance for you to more intimately interact with our educators. The visit will last about 20-30 minutes and will take place in our classrooms with our preschool teachers and fellow prospective students. You’ll see first-hand how our teachers engage with our students, helping them ease into a new space, and encouraging them to explore the many materials and learning opportunities available to students here at Columbus.

That’s It!

That’s the whole formal process!

We know parents have very different approaches to preschool admissions. Some parents want to see every school in Manhattan before selecting, some have a slew of friends already at a certain preschool and you trust their opinion that it’s the right place for them too, and some parents instantly fall in love with a school after one visit. For these reasons and all the others that affect parents’ preschool decisions, we offer flexibility in admissions timing options, ranging from as early as December for parents eager to finish the process to the spring season for those who need more time before committing.

We will also host events throughout the season for those who want more information or to engage more with the school, including refresher tours, parent panels with current and former Columbus parents, community events, and parent cocktail evenings.

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School Year | 2023-2024


Program (by Age) Days/Times Tuition
2s Tues/Thurs, 8:45-11:45 $14,000
2s Mon/Wed/Fri, 8:45-11:45 $19,300
2s Mon-Fri, 8:45-12:15 $28,420
2s/3s Mon/Wed/Fri, 8:45-11:45 $19,300
2s/3s & 3s Mon-Fri, 8:30-12:00 $28,420
2s/3s Mon-Thurs, 1:00-4:00 $10,500
Older 3s/4s/5s Mon-Fri, 8:45-2:45



We have January 2024 admissions for many of our programs. Please inquire about availabilty for your child!

Admissions Application


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