Columbus offers support to the parents of our kindergarten-ready classes.

We understand that in NYC, there are many different avenues to explore for kindergarten and beyond. As such, we work closely with parents of our kindergarten-ready classes. Throughout your child’s tenure at Columbus, our teachers and exmissions staff are getting to know your child and help figure out what type of learner he/she is. We will work with you to decide what schools would be a good fit for the next years of your child’s educational career.

Public or Private

Whether opting for public or private school, parents will have access to such resources as parent panels of former Columbus parents, seminars conducted by educational consultants, and one-on-one meetings with the director. Together, we will make sure your child will be in the best place for him or her after Columbus. Each year, our students move on to attend local and citywide public and private schools.

On-going school process and kindergarten placement

For the past twenty-three years, hundreds of parents of CPS graduates have placed their children in both independent and public schools. Some independent schools that have accepted CPS grads across NYC are:

Bank Street School for Children
Caedmon School
City & Country
Columbia Grammar
Ethical Culture
Horace Mann
Manhattan Country
Riverdale Country
Rodeph Shalom
School At Columbia University
Speyer Legacy
St. Ann’s
St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s
St. Ignatius Loyola School
Manhattan Country School
The Geneva School
The Town School
Trinity School